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PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support)

PBIS is a process for creating a safer, more effective school environment.
At Hicks Canyon, our Huskies are:

Respectful, Safe, Responsible

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In addition to having our school’s expectations and playground rules posted around our campus, students in grades 2nd-5th participate in our school’s Ball Brigade program to ensure a smooth process for students to use playground equipment respectfully, safely, and responsibly.  We have two playground equipment stations, one for 1st and 2nd grades and another for grades 3rd-5th, in which students can check out various balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, and other playground equipment.  Each classroom receives three ball passes that students are able to use to check out playground equipment during morning and lunch recesses.  Students are responsible for taking care of school equipment, using a ball pass to check out equipment and then receiving their pass back once equipment is safely returned.  Each trimester we look for 5-6 students from each of our classes representing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades to volunteer to work the Ball Brigade stations.  One class takes on their ball duties per day for morning recess and lunch recess.  Students are incentivized with a Golden Husky (5 huskies) for each day’s work.  Ball brigade team members undergo training before their ball brigade duties begin.  Students understand the weight of their commitment and that they need to be able to be dedicated to their work for the entirety of the trimester. It is a privilege to be part of the Ball Brigade and students take pride in their work and their contributions to our school community.